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    Hi, I'm Crysta Barton.  
    I'm a professional Face Painter located in
    West Bountiful, Utah.  

    Christmas Face Paint Utah

    Call me at 801-671-2438

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    Face Paint Boy with Kisses painted on his Face I have been a Professional Makeup Artist for over 17 years.
    I look forward to meeting you and
    painting a phantastical smile on your face or
    providing you a Phantastical Birthday Party.
    It is my hope that you become a "Raving Fan"
    Have a Phantastical Face Painting Experience!


    I've posted my Face Painting Prices right on my home page!

    Face Painting Birthday Parties

    The price of your package depends on the following: 
    Party Sizes:
  • Small = 10 to 15 attendees
  • Medium = 15 to 25 attendees
  • Large = Anything over 25 attendees
  • Corporate or Large Function Parties
  • Do you want a Theme?
  • Princess
  • Super Hero's
  • Fairies
  • Animals
  • Pirates
  • Star Wars
  • Type of Face Painting you would like done:
  • Cheek Art
  • Half Face
  • Princess Crowns
  • Full Face
  • Body Art
  • Face Painting Party Packages (all are based on a 10-15 attendees)

    Party Packet A 
    10 Choices of Cheek Art Designs and 1 Hour of Time for a Painter.
    This party would cost $40.

    Party Packet B 

    You will have all of my Cheek Art Designs available to your attendees, 1 Hour of Time for a Painter, and 10 to 15 attendees. This Party would cost $45.

    Party Packet C
    You will have all of my Cheek Art Designs, All Half Face designs available to your attendees and 1 Hour of Time for a Painter.
    This party would cost $50

    Glitter Tatoo Party

    You will be allowed up to 15 Glitter Tatoos per party for $50. (Typical price is $5 each Tatoo)

    Be sure to ask about:
    Existing Customer Discounts
    Referral Discounts

    Corporate Parties and Large Group or Functions

    $60 per hour Starting Rate includes 1 face painter.
    $20 per hour for each additional face painter
    2 face painters for a 1 hour event $80
    3 face painters for a 1 hour event $100
    4 face painters for a 1 hour event $120
    3 face painters for a 3 hour event $300
  • My suggestion is to have 1 face painter per 25 guests per hour.
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    Easter Face Painting ~ Light of the World

    Among all your celebrations of the Easter Bunny, Candy, Baskets, Eggs, etc, pause and ponder the real reason for this holiday. Every year at Easter in the United States all over the world people celebrate Easter with the Easter bunny, colored eggs, candy, Easter baskets, and more. As a face painter it's easy to capitalize on those celebrations by having designs of bunnies, baskets, eggs, and more but as I considered all the blessings I enjoy and why I have them I thought I should remember the reason for this holiday, our savior's death and resurrection. To that point, this blog entry is about him and the work I've done to promote him.

    This is a photo of the makeup work I did for "Light of the World" in Bountiful, Utah.  Let us remember the reason for Easter.  As a makeup artist one of my favorite holiday's is Halloween where I get to create gore and mayhem with my makeup skills.  For "The Light of the World" I used those skills to pierce the hands and feet of the actor portraying the resurrected Jesus Christ.

    Never Forget the reason for Easter

    May you and your loved ones have a Phantastical Easter!
    This particular makeup job was very difficult as they didn't want any makeup that could rub off onto the pure white Christ costume. I improvised with Nail Polish so it was dry but still looked like holes in his hands.  Thanks for following me and my work.

    Easter Body Paint
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    Easter Face Paint Designs
    Easter Bunny Face Painting

    Face Painting Easter
    Designs for 2014!!!

    Easter Basket Face Paint Bunny Trail Face Painting Easter Swirl Face paint
    Easter Egg Face Paint Easter Egg Hunting Face Paint EAster Bunny Face Painting

      Home  | Galleries  |  Contact  |  Biography  |  Services  |  Birthday Parties  |  Halloween FX  | F.A.Q. 

      Home  | Galleries  |  Contact  |  Biography  |  Services  |  Birthday Parties  |  Halloween FX  | F.A.Q. 

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